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Does your financial plan truly serve your life? Or would it be more accurate to say that your life is spent in service to your financial plan?

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Financial Planning

Available to individuals and families who are US citizens located worldwide or are considering the lifestyle; are based in Bermuda and possess citizenship or interests in more than one country, or are of various nationalities who are relocating to the United States.

Our advisory services are designed to support a modern day lifestyle that typically involves multi-nationality and/or global mobility. Our services can extend into cross-border business, charitable and trust structures, repatriation and divorce, based on the needs and design of the situation

U.S. Tax Return Preparation & Foreign Reporting

Available to our advisory clients.

Our tax compliance and consulting services help clients navigate the complexities and legally minimize their income taxes. We prepare individual, gift and estate tax returns for clients and Distributable Net Income schedules for trustees of foreign trusts with US beneficiaries who are our clients. Finally, we coordinate with other tax preparers as needed for clients with tax returns in countries besides the United States.

Investment Management

Available to our advisory clients.

We have developed a rigorous investment process that is designed to help you create a customized portfolio that is right for you and your unique set of circumstances and goals.

For our investment advisory service process to commence, you will be required to first engage us for financial planning. Most investment recommendations have implications for your cash flow, tax situation, estate plan and charitable gift planning and therefore financial planning is a prerequisite.

Financial Planning for Global Living

After extensive training and research and over 25 years of advising successful multinational families, Jennifer Patterson finally reveals the elements for reaching and sustaining long-term success. It turns out that just six pillars have the most impact on your success.

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